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The following is the list of New York rental property managers in our database. The word "manager" in the context of this list should be understood as "leasing manager" - that is, the organization responsible for processing applications from prospective tenants (although typically the same company manages other aspects of the building's operations as well).

Most managers listed are local (NYC metro). Some are regional and a few are national. Some of the companies on this list are very large organizations that play several different roles in the market (for example, they may also be developers, commercial landlords, brokers, and so on). At the other end of the scale are small, "boutique" firms and individual landlords who sometimes manage as few as just one or two buildings.

Most, although far from all, managers in New York will work with new tenants directly (without requiring them to use a broker and thus saving them a broker's fee). Many explicitly advertise their listings as "no-fee". In certain cases, however, the rental process is effectively outsourced to a brokerage and fees may (or may not) be involved. The exact demarcation lines between brokerages, managers, and in-house rental agents are sometimes fuzzy and the mutual relationships and multiple hats worn by the parties involved often preclude easy classification. We are doing our best to pigeonhole the companies on our list, but ultimately, you should remember that more than the exact role of the company you're dealing with, what matters most to you as a prospective tenant is whether you'll be paying a broker's fee.

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  • Abington Properties (16 buildings managed) - Abington Properties (comprising Abington Holding, Abington Trust, Kalabi Realty Co.,LLC, Almark Holding Co.,LLC, and Linmar L.P.) is a family-owned and operated New York City residential real estate management and development company. The company has been...
  • Adellco Management LLC (2 buildings managed, 3 buildings developed) - An owner, developer and manager of New York City real estate properties. More than two decades on the market.
  • Aimco (62 buildings managed) - Apartment Investment and Management Company (AIMCO) is the nation's largest owner and operator of apartment communities, with about 250,000 units under management. Operating as a real estate investment trust (REIT), AIMCO engages in the acquisition, ow...
  • Albanese Organization, Inc (3 buildings managed, 5 buildings developed) - Founded in 1949, Albanese Development Corporation is a privately held, full-service real estate development company. The company has developed a broad range of high-rise commercial and residential buildings in both urban and suburban settings.
  • Algin Management (29 buildings managed, 1 building developed) - Algin Management is a family-owned and operated company that has been in the real estate business for more than fifty years. Algin manages, constructs, and owns New York residential properties. Its current portfolio includes 3,500 apartments in the New Yo...
  • Alma Realty Corp. (71 buildings managed, 7 rental listings)
  • Armand Serfaty (2 buildings managed)
  • ATA Enterprises (14 buildings managed) - We have been in the No Fee Manhattan real estate management and development industry for almost 50 years, providing the best management services to highly satisfied tenants. We are dedicated to finding you the finest no fee luxury apartments in Manhatt...
  • AvalonBay Communities, Inc. (9 buildings managed) - Avalon manages over 140 luxury communities in 12 states and the District of Columbia.

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  • B&L Management (25 buildings managed) - B&L Management Company specializes in urban development, redevelopment, and management of residential mid- and high-rise properties.
  • Bettina Equities (42 buildings managed) - Bettina Equities has been helping New Yorkers live well for over 30 years. It manages more than 40 properties comprising over 2,000 units.
  • Big Apple Management, LLC (32 buildings managed)
  • Bozzuto Management (23 buildings managed) - Bozzuto Management Company is part of The Bozzuto Group, a full-service real estate firm headquartered in Greenbelt, Maryland. The company manages thousands of units in buildings in Maryland, Virginia, the greater Philadelphia area, New York, and New Je...
  • Broadmanor Management LLC (1 building managed)
  • Broadwall Management Corporation (9 buildings managed) - Broadwall Management Corporation, a subsidiary of The Feil Organization, provides residential building management services.
  • Brodsky Organization (40 buildings managed, 3 buildings developed) - With five decades of experience, The Brodsky Organization is one of New York City's leading developers, builders and property managers of luxury residential and mixed-use real estate.

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  • C&C Apartment Management, LLC (58 buildings managed) - C & C manages approximately 2,300 residential units in the NYC metro area. Much of this portfolio has been funded through the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program.
  • Carnegie Hill Properties, LLC (13 buildings managed) - Carnegie Hill Properties is a full service real estate organization owning, managing and building residential buildings, office spaces and retail locations in New York City and Los Angeles. The company takes its name from the prominent area of Manhattan ...
  • CompassRock Real Estate (70 buildings managed) - A full-service real estate company providing property management services for both residential and commercial properties on the East Coast.
  • Copperwood R.E. (20 buildings managed)
  • Croman Real Estate Inc (135 buildings managed, 2 buildings brokered) - 9300 is an owner and manager of its buildings, in addition to being a broker of some other properties. All listings in buildings owned by the company are no-fee.

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  • Dermot Realty Mgmt (81 buildings managed) - Formed in 1991 as a real estate and management company focused on multi-family sector opportunities, Dermot is broad-based, diversified company.
  • Duell Management (18 buildings managed)
  • Durst Fetner Residential (5 buildings managed) - Formed in 2008 with the merger of The Durst Organization and Sidney Fetner Associates.

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  • East Village Property Management (7 buildings managed) - The company manages a handful of properties in the East Village neighborhood of Downtown Manhattan.
  • Eberhart Brothers (60 buildings managed) - Owner, manager and buildier of apartment buildings in Manhattan. No fee listings only. Founded in 1927.
  • Equity Residential (37 buildings managed) - The largest publicly traded owner, operator and developer of multifamily housing in the United States with more than 200,000 apartments for rent across the country. An S&P 500 company. In New York, the company owns and manages close to 4,000 apartments.

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    • General Property Management (21 buildings managed)
    • Glenwood Management (27 buildings managed) - Glenwood Management is a full-service real estate organization focusing on luxury properties.
    • Goldfarb Properties (43 buildings managed) - Goldfarb Properties manages several no-fee buildings in Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx.
    • Gotham Organization, Inc. (4 buildings managed) - Divisions of Gotham Organization develop, build, own, and operate real estate properties as well as provide consulting services.
    • Gumley-Haft LLC (1 building managed)

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    • Harlingon Realty (36 buildings managed) - An owner/manager of buildings throughout Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx. Founded in 1974.

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    • Icon Realty (63 buildings managed) - Icon Realty Management LLC owns and manages over 1,000 apartment units located throughout the city (the Upper East Side, Greenwich Village, Chelsea and the Lower East Side).

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    • J Wasser & Co (25 buildings managed)
    • Jack Resnick & Sons, Inc (5 buildings managed) - Jack Resnick & Sons, Inc, founded in 1928, is a builder, owner and manager of more than five million square feet of commercial space and hundreds of apartments.
    • Jakobson Properties (45 buildings managed) - Jakobson Properties has apartment rental operations in New York City since the 1880s. The company is focused on the ownership, management and rental of residential middle and upper-middle income rental apartments in Manhattan. Jakobson owns over 2,000 re...
    • JEMB Realty (1 building managed) - Headquartered in Manhattan, JEMB Realty is a real estate owner, developer and manager. Its portfolio includes commercial and residential buildings in New York and Montreal.
    • Jerome Associates (39 buildings managed) - Over 1,000 units under management.
    • JR Properties (24 buildings managed) - Apartments for rent in the West Village, Chelsea, the Upper East side, Harlem and Washington Heights.

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    • K&R Realty Management, Inc (45 buildings managed) - K&R Realty manages apartments throughout Manhattan with a focus on properties located in the neighborhoods of Harlem, Washington Heights, the Upper West Side and the East Village.

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    • Landmark Resources LLC (28 buildings managed)
    • LC Lemle Real Estate (21 buildings managed)
    • Lefrak (24 buildings managed, 6 buildings developed) - The company's subsidiaries and affiliates manage about 200 buildings in the New York metropolitan area.

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    • M & R Management (10 buildings managed) - M&R Management owns and manages over 1,000 units across many properties in Brooklyn.
    • Manhattan Skyline (33 buildings managed, 1 building developed, 2 buildings brokered, 3 rental listings) - Manhattan Skyline manages one of the largest portfolios of no-fee rental apartments in New York.
    • Mautner-Glick Corp. (90 buildings managed) - Mautner-Glick Corp. provides property and asset management services focusing on multi‐family and mixed‐use properties. The company manages over 3,000 rental units in over 150 buildings in Manhattan.
    • Metro Loft Management, LLC (9 buildings managed) - Metro Loft is a New York-based development and management company, focusing on properties located in Downtown Manhattan's Financial District.
    • Milford Management (13 buildings managed) - One of the largest managing agents of residential real estate in New York City. Milford Management's services include purchasing, labor relations, budgeting, working capital, real estate assessments, taxation, accounting, billing, collections, and long-r...
    • MJN Partners (3 buildings managed)

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    • Parkchester Preserv. Mgmt (103 buildings managed)
    • Pine Management (38 buildings managed) - Pine Management, Inc. owns, develops and manages all of their properties located on the East and West Side of Manhattan and Brooklyn.
    • Pistilli Realty (39 buildings managed) - A family-owned and operated real estate organization involved in development, construction, and management of residential, commercial, and retail properties.
    • Progressive Management (6 buildings managed)

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    • R.A. Cohen & Associates, Inc (15 buildings managed) - Owner/manager of multiple properties in New York City, the company was founded by Robert A. Cohen.
    • Realty Within Reach (24 buildings managed)
    • Related (21 buildings managed, 8 buildings developed) - Founded in 1972, Related is a group of companies involved in real estate development, financing, sales and property management. Related Rentals (a division of Related) manages several thousand units in properties located in New York City.
    • Rockrose Development Corp. (9 buildings managed, 1 building developed) - A New York City property owner, builder, and manager. The predecessor company was founded in 1970.
    • Rose Associates (30 buildings managed, 17 buildings developed) - Rose Associates, Inc was founded in 1928. The firm operates throughout the East Coast as the developer and manager of more than 30 million s/f of major office towers, commercial retail centers, mixed-use complexes, and high-rise residential buildings.
    • Roseland Property Company (10 buildings managed)
    • RY Management Co., Inc (5 buildings managed) - R.Y. Management is involved in every aspect of property management, from physical plant maintenance, energy saving programs and security issues to compliance construction expertise, and staff supervision. The company represents over 14,000 townhouses, ren...

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    • S & H Equities (15 buildings managed) - Founded in 1995, S & H Equities (NY) Inc focuses on developing properties on the Lower East and the Upper East Side. S & H Equities (NY) Inc. is currently involved in projects ranging from gut renovations, ground up construction, new developments of rental...
    • Shalimar Management Corp. (7 buildings managed)
    • Sky Management (39 buildings managed) - Sky Management specializes in pre-war residential buildings that mix modern renovations with old world charm. Manhattan properties are located in different neighborhoods - from NoLiTa to Yorkville.
    • Skyline Developers (3 buildings managed)
    • Standard Realty Associates Inc (11 buildings managed)
    • Stone Street Properties (28 buildings managed)
    • Stonehenge (28 buildings managed) - Founded in the early 1990s, Stonehenge owns and manages residential real estate properties in New York City.
    • S.W. Management / City & Suburban (86 buildings managed) - Many units are rent-stabilised. Utilities (gas, electric, heat) are typically included.
    • S.W. Queens Mezzanine (16 buildings managed)

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    • Heights Real Estate (46 buildings managed, 3 buildings brokered)
    • Jack Parker (5 buildings managed) - Founded in 1955, The Jack Parker Corporation is a family owned company. To date the company has designed, built, and continues to manage more than 15,000 residences with high-rise luxury rentals, condominiums, and single family homes located throughout t...
    • The Kibel Company (11 buildings managed, 1 building developed) - The company has built more than 3,500 apartments over the past 50 years. The Kibel Family currently owns and manages the majority of properties they developed.
    • The Moinian Group (6 buildings managed, 5 buildings developed) - The Moinian Group, one of the country's largest privately-held real estate firms, owns and manages over $8 billion in assets.
    • TF Cornerstone Inc. (14 buildings managed, 2 buildings developed) - A family-owned real estate firm involved in acquisition, development, construction and management of residential, commercial and retail properties.
    • Time Equities (27 buildings managed, 1 building brokered, 2 rental listings) - Time Equities, Inc. is a full service real estate company. Most rental buildings managed by the company are leased with no fee.
    • Trans World Equities (8 buildings managed)
    • Tri-State Management (6 buildings managed)
    • Tryax Realty Management (33 buildings managed) - Tryax Realty Management serves the West Bronx communities of Morris Heights, Mt. Eden, Melrose, High Bridge, Kingsbridge and Norwood, and the Harlem communities of Hamilton Heights, Sugar Hill, and Strivers Row. The company was founded in the 1960s.
    • Two Trees Management (16 buildings managed, 2 buildings developed)

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    • UDR (7 buildings managed) - UDR, Inc (NYSE: UDR) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that develops, acquires, renovates, and manages apartment communities nationwide.

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      • William Moses Co., Inc (4 buildings managed)
      • Windsor Communities (7 buildings managed) - Windsor Communities manages properties located in more than 20 states, with a handful of buildings in the New York metropolitan area. A privately held company, Windsor is headquartered in Boston, MA.

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