NE New Jersey

Population1,613,342 (2015)
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Of course, New Jersey is not a borough of New York City. But as much as it is a separate and independent entity, its two northeastern counties bordering the city, Hudson and Bergen, jointly constitute what is essentially New York City's most conveniently-located western suburb. Only a quick PATH (or Ferry) ride separates Jersey City or Hoboken from Manhattan.

Over the past two decades, the Jersey City - Hoboken area in particular has seen robust growth in terms of residential real estate. A substantial percentage of people living in those areas work in New York City, mainly in Manhattan.

Towns/Neighborhoods in Hudson County

Hudson County municipalities are located across the Hudson River from Downtown and Midtown Manhattan and are popular with those looking to "emigrate" from the city without going too far… or buying a car.

The most practical for those who prefer taking public transportation to work in NYC are the following towns and neighborhoods:

Other areas in Hudson County:

Towns/Neighborhoods in Bergen County

Bergen County municipalities are also close to Manhattan, although they may be somewhat more practical for those who own a car and don't mind using it.