Population2,293,007 (2008)
Land Area109.7 sq miles
Density20902.53 ppsm
Listing(s)882 (no-fee + fee)

Unlike more populous Brooklyn, Queens has never been a separate city or, rather, it has never been a single separate city (the part of Queens closest to Manhattan, called Long Island City, actually has, so the "city" part of its name is not spurious). This explains why most of Queens is still organized as if it were a loose conglomeration of villages with no overall center. This disjointed legacy also survives in the postal addressing system (to the extent that the latter itself survives): in contrast to the other four boroughs, Queens's mailing addresses are mostly based on the original town names.

Queens is sometimes (and with good reason) called "the immigrant borough." Almost all its neighborhoods have a significant share of immigrant population, but Flushing, Jackson Heights, Astoria, Sunnyside, and Woodside stand out as the most diverse.


(community districts 1 & 2)

These neighborhoods are the closest to Manhattan:


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Some Famous People Who Were Born or Lived in Queens