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This list contains property managers whose names start with a 'h', and includes those both with and without current rental listings.

  • Hakimian (9 buildings managed, 2 buildings developed) - An owner, developer, and manager of real estate properties in NYC. The company is active in the residential, commercial, and hotel markets. Founded in 1970.
  • Halcyon Management (4 buildings managed)
  • Halstead Management
  • Harlingon Realty (36 buildings managed) - An owner/manager of buildings throughout Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx. Founded in 1974.
  • Heights Real Estate (46 buildings managed, 3 buildings brokered)
  • Helm Management, Inc (11 buildings managed, 2 buildings brokered)
  • HFN Partners, LLC (7 buildings managed)
  • H.M. Village Realty (13 buildings managed)
  • Hub Realty (3 buildings managed) - HUB Realty has developed and managed over 4,000 residential units across the tri-state area over the last 30 years.
  • Hudson Companies (2 buildings developed) - Active in residential, commercial and industrial development in New York City. The firm's portfolio spans the luxury, middle-income and affordable housing markets.

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