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This list contains property managers whose names start with a 'c', and includes those both with and without current rental listings.

  • C&C Apartment Management, LLC (58 buildings managed) - C & C manages approximately 2,300 residential units in the NYC metro area. Much of this portfolio has been funded through the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program.
  • Carlyle Construction Corporation (8 buildings managed) - Carlyle Construction Corporation was founded by Irving Dimson and Harry Feldman in 1946. Since the 1960's, Carlyle's focus has been on the development and management of luxury high-rise apartment buildings and commercial properties.
  • Carnegie Hill Properties, LLC (13 buildings managed) - Carnegie Hill Properties is a full service real estate organization owning, managing and building residential buildings, office spaces and retail locations in New York City and Los Angeles. The company takes its name from the prominent area of Manhattan ...
  • Charles H. Greenthal Management Corp (5 buildings managed) - A family-owned and operated property management firm. Manages over 150 condos, coops and rental properties in New York (mostly luxury apartments).
  • Citi Urban Management Corp. (11 buildings managed)
  • CompassRock Real Estate (70 buildings managed) - A full-service real estate company providing property management services for both residential and commercial properties on the East Coast.
  • Copperwood R.E. (20 buildings managed)
  • Coral Realty
  • Croman Real Estate Inc (135 buildings managed, 2 buildings brokered) - 9300 is an owner and manager of its buildings, in addition to being a broker of some other properties. All listings in buildings owned by the company are no-fee.

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