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This list contains property managers whose names start with a 'k', and includes those both with and without current rental listings.

  • K&R Realty Management, Inc (45 buildings managed) - K&R Realty manages apartments throughout Manhattan with a focus on properties located in the neighborhoods of Harlem, Washington Heights, the Upper West Side and the East Village.
  • Kaled Management Corp. (21 buildings managed) - Founded in the 1920's, Kaled Management owns about 2,000 and manages over 6,000 residential units in the New York City area (Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Nassau and Suffolk counties as well as Westchester and New Jersey). Apartments are typicaly rented thr...
  • Kettler Management, Inc. (1 building managed) - Founded in 1977, Kettler develops, owns and manages a large portfolio of apartment communities centered in the Washington DC area. Some of the properties are located in New Jersey.
  • KFF Realty (1 building managed)
  • The Kibel Company (11 buildings managed, 1 building developed) - The company has built more than 3,500 apartments over the past 50 years. The Kibel Family currently owns and manages the majority of properties they developed.
  • Kings & Queens (61 buildings managed) - The exclusive rental agent for many LeFrak-owned properties located in Brooklyn (Kings County) and Queens.
  • Knickerbocker Management (2 buildings managed)
  • Kosova Properties, Inc (1 building managed)

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