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This list contains property managers whose names start with a 'g', and includes those both with and without current rental listings.

  • G-Way Management LLC (21 buildings managed) - G-Way Management LLC is a real estate management firm specializing in property and portfolio management of residential and mix-used properties in New York City.
  • Gables Residential (1 building managed) - Gables Residential owns, develops and manages multi-family communities and mixed-use developments in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Houston, South Florida, Southern California, and metropolitan Washington, D.C. Additionally, it has third-party management ope...
  • Gatsby Enterprises, LLC (20 buildings managed) - Gatsby's buildings range from small townhouses to larger prewar buildings. Apartments are rented through Gatsby Realty - an affiliated no-fee brokerage.
  • GDC Properties (1 building managed)
  • General Property Management (20 buildings managed)
  • Glenwood Management (27 buildings managed) - Glenwood Management is a full-service real estate organization focusing on luxury properties.
  • Goldfarb Properties (44 buildings managed) - Goldfarb Properties manages several no-fee buildings in Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx.
  • Goldin Management (1 building managed)
  • Goodstein Management Inc (10 buildings managed) - Goodstein Management Inc. is a full-service family-owned real estate company focused on building management.¬†Goodrock Realty LLC is handling tenant applications for Goodstein apartments.
  • Gort Realty (1 building managed)
  • Gotham Organization, Inc. (4 buildings managed) - Divisions of Gotham Organization develop, build, own, and operate real estate properties as well as provide consulting services.
  • GP Properties
  • Grand Realty (4 buildings managed)
  • Grenadier Realty Corp. (10 buildings managed) - A wholly-owned subsidiary of Starrett Corporation.
  • Greystone Rentals (1 building managed)
  • Gumley-Haft LLC (1 building managed)

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