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East Village

Area18,899,199 sq ft
MapMap of East Village
Listing(s)95 no-fee
Buildings375 rental buildings
35 condo buildings
19 coop buildings

Neighborhood Profile

Formerly the seedy punk rock mecca, the East Village has significantly gentrified since the 1990s/early 2000s. As sad as it is to lose iconic venues and quirky shops, it should also be said that as a result of this gentrification, the neighborhood is much safer, the apartments and building fa├žades are getting upgrades, and outdoor cafes are sprouting up all over. And, despite the rising prices, the area still retains its "artsy" feel.

Apartments & Real Estate

The East Village was once famed for cheap apartments (usually in sixth and seventh floor walk-ups and the like). If you have the endurance, and the good fortune to have found such a place, it is highly worth the rent break, since apartments in walk-up buildings that are higher up tend to be cheaper. The deals have become rare nowadays, however.

Selected Rental Buildings

  • 194 East 2nd Street (East Village) photos
    A modern mid-rise doorman elevator building offering a gym and laundry facilities.
  • 413 East 12th Street (East Village) - 5 listings, all of them 'no-fee' apts
    A mid-rise walk-up building.
  • Avalon Bowery Place II (22 East 1st Street, East Village) - 5 listings, all of them 'no-fee' apts
    A modern mid-rise doorman elevator building offering a gym and laundry facilities.
  • The Nathaniel (138 East 12th Street, East Village) photos - 2 listings, all of them 'no-fee' apts
    A modern mid-rise doorman elevator building offering a gym.
  • Tompkins Square Plaza (190 East 7th Street, East Village) photos - 3 listings, all of them 'no-fee' apts
    Two towers with a plaza and fountain area separating them. Art openings from various local artists are held approximately 4 times per year in the lobby and all tenants are in....

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Selected No-Fee Rental Listings

$2,950 2-Bedroom at 413 East 12th Street
$3,945 Studio at Avalon Bowery Place II, 561 sq ft
$3,000 2-Bedroom at 610 East 9th Street
$2,100 Studio at 518 East 5th Street
$2,550 1-Bedroom at 185 Avenue C

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Condo & Co-op Buildings

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The population stands at about 50,000. Since the 1990s, the area's mix has been slowly shifting from the young and artsy to the gainfully employed. Some older home owners left over from the punk/artsy era of the 70s and 80s are still living in the neighborhood, which creates an amazing creative vibe spanning two-three generations. The eastern frontiers of the neighborhood (Avenue D) prominently feature housing projects inhabited by low-income families.

Major Streets Crossing the Neighborhood


The name is derived from the East Village's "parent neighborhood" called "Greenwich Village". Originally, the area was considered part of the Lower East Side, but since the 50's, when artists, writers and bohemians started their slow migration east in search of cheaper rent, the neighborhood has been associated more with Greenwich (West Village and Central Village ) Village and its artsy community than with immigrants living on the Lower East Side.

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Current Rental Statistics

Studio$2,100 $3,295 18
1-Bedroom$3,250 $3,563 19
2-Bedroom$3,400 $3,626 40
3-Bedroom$4,800 $5,776 11
4-Bedroom$6,200 $5,927 7
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rental statistics as of 03/May/2015.