RY Management Co., Inc

Address1619 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10128
Listing(s)Managed: 3 no-fee

R.Y. Management is involved in every aspect of property management, from physical plant maintenance, energy saving programs and security issues to compliance construction expertise, and staff supervision. The company represents over 14,000 townhouses, rental apartments, cooperatives and condominiums in New York alone - handling many of these for years.

Buildings Under Management

This is the list of New York City buildings managed by RY Management Co., Inc

In Manhattan:

In Brooklyn:

Sample No-Fee Rental Listings

$4,900 3-Bedroom at Knickerbocker PlazaM
$3,300 1-Bedroom at South Cove Plaza, 722 sq ftM
$3,325 1-Bedroom at The Ruppert Tower (2): 1601 Third, 790 sq ftM

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Current Rental Statistics

1-Bedroom$3,312 $3,312 2
3-Bedroom$4,900 $4,900 1
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rental statistics as of 15/Jan/2018, based on both fee- and no-fee listings.