Borough Brooklyn
Area 56,726,692 sq. ft.
Rental listings 2 no-fee, 1 fee ads
Median rent $3,500

Neighborhood Profile

One of the most "hyped" city neighborhoods of the 2010s, Bushwick has become extremely popular with city professionals in their 20s, although its demographic profile is mixed (see below). This large neighborhood contains industrial and semi-industrial buildings (mostly in the north-western portion), as well as modern low-rises and traditional row houses (the latter especially near Knickerbocker Avenue).

Current Rental Statistics

Studio 0$0$0
1 Bedroom 1$3,130$3,130
2 Bedroom 2$4,125$4,125
3+ Bedrooms 0$0$0
Total 3$3,500$3,793
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Total: 2 no-fee, 1 fee ads

Neighborhood "Skyline"

0 10 20 30 40 50 1000 Buildings Floors Bushwick

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Buildings in the Neighborhood

North of Flushing Ave, in the vicinity of the Morgan Ave L stop, there are many industrial lofts, many of them raw. This attracts young artists – both actual and hypothetical – who appreciate the architectural features of raw spaces. South Flushing Ave, traditional apartments are available for very reasonable prices.

• 8 floors • 500 units • Doorman • Gym
1 fee ad Last: < 20 hours
• 4 floors • 22 units
1 no-fee ad Last: < 8 hours
• 4 floors • 8 units
1 no-fee ad Last: 6 days ago
• 5 floors • 126 units • Doorman
• 8 floors • 292 units • Doorman
• 4 floors • 60 units • Doorman • Gym
• 5 floors • 6 units
• 4 floors • 6 units
• 3 floors • 6 units
• 3 floors • 3 units

Historical Notes

Originally a working-class German and Irish immigrant neighborhood, Bushwick deteriorated steadily throughout the 60s and 70s as the original population was moving out. Crime was increasing rapidly, drugs gradually came to be sold more or less openly and arsons were frequent. The neighborhood, by then already one of the most violent and drug-riddled, was damaged further during the blackout looting and arsons of 1977: many stores, particularly along Broadway, were burned to the ground. And in the 1980s, the crack epidemic brought even more problems to Bushwick.

Although the neighborhood saw some residential construction in the 1990s, it remained poor and crime-infested. Around 2000, however, a putative break with the past was already on the horizon. Fleeing the rapid gentrification of Williamsburg, new quasi-middle class residents (mostly white and recent college graduates) began to settle in Bushwick, and the neighborhood quickly attained the status of the new "edgy" place in the city.

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