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Area114,465,840 sq ft
MapMap of Astoria
Listing(s)14 no-fee
Buildings69 rental buildings
13 condo buildings
14 coop buildings

Neighborhood Profile

Location: Astoria is located in Western Queens. As one would expect with a popular neighborhood, its borders are suject to dispute and are often defined quite liberally by real estate brokers. Most commonly, the southern border is assumed to be 36th Avenue. To the west Astoria is bounded by the East River, to the east – by Northern Boulevard. Character: Astoria is a wonderfully mixed neighborhood that combines some of the best things found in New York – a proximity to Manhattan, a relatively safe, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic environment, relatively affordable rents, an abundance of dining options, and even a budding arts scene.

Its elevated "N" train line will surely remind of you of Chicago, and you can easily walk to the waterfront where the views would probably rival those of Second City (although the waterfront itself is nowhere near as developed). Demographics: Mixed nationalities and income levels. Astoria has traditionally been considered one of the most heavily "Greek" areas outside of Greece and Cyprus. In addition, a number of Italians live here, not to mention the Irish, the Asians, the Eastern Europeans, the Mexicans, the Arabs and many others.

Apartments & Real Estate

Compared to Manhattan and even much of Brooklyn, the rents are still more reasonable (see our rental price summary below), which explains the presence of non-financial-sector workers and even students in large numbers. However, thanks in part to a multitude of media stories about 'discovering' this neighborhood, since the early 2000s the area has been getting progressively more expensive.

Current Rental Statistics

Studio$1,500 $1,500 1
1-Bedroom$1,888 $1,932 10
2-Bedroom$2,425 $2,358 3
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rental statistics as of 28/Dec/2014.

Selected Rental Buildings

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Selected No-Fee Rental Listings

$2,100 1-Bedroom, 759 sq ft31-70 34th Street26/Dec/2014
$1,875 1-Bedroom, 650 sq ft27-10 30th Avenue22/Dec/2014
$1,795 1-Bedroom30-49 Crescent Street02/Dec/201428/Dec/2014
$1,700 1-Bedroom34-26 Steinway Street02/Dec/201428/Dec/2014
$2,200 2-Bedroom, 900 sq ft32-86 30th Street18/Nov/201407/Nov/2014

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Condo & Co-op Buildings

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