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Midtown Parking Rates Hit Record Levels

Posted 01/Aug/2007 16:05:00 by Gromco in NYC Transportation, Central Midtown

The NY Post reports that monthly parking rates have reached record levels: the median monthly midtown parking rate has hit $630, with some garages charging rates approaching $1,000. This is the most expensive neighborhood to park in the U.S. (Downtown Manhattan being the second most expensive area).


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81% of New Yorkers Support Congestion Pricing Plan

Posted 01/Jul/2007 01:25:00 by Gromco in NYC Transportation

A recent poll indicates that 81% of residents of the city, Long Island and Westchester and Rockland counties supported Mayor Bloomberg's plan to institute a tax on motorists entering the city during the week...

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2nd Avenue Line Construction Start Weeks Away

Posted 06/Mar/2007 12:20:00 by Gromco in NYC Transportation, Upper East Side

According to an [article in the NY Post] the MTA is about to begin construction of Phase One of the 2nd avenue line (aka the "T" train). The first phase will stretch from East 96th to East 63rd where it will connect to the Q line.

The cost of this phase is $3.8 billion and the estimated date of completion is 2013. There are three more phases to the project with Phase Two running from 125th to 96th, Phase Three running down from 63rd to Houston and eventually, Phase Four going all the way down to Hanover Square in the Financial District.

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The 7 Train Extension Approved

Posted 30/Sep/2006 15:30:00 by Gromco in NYC Transportation

If you ever had to walk all the way west from the A/C stop on West 34th street, this idea has surely crossed your mind: "Why isn't there a closer subway stop for people living and working on the West Side?".

Well, soon there will be. The boards of the MTA and City Hall jointly [approved an agreement] under which the 7 train will extend all the way to 34th St. and 11th Ave. Unfortunately, the extension will take six years to complete, so until 2012 we're just going have to walk from 34th and 8th. Earlier, more ambitious plans calling for a 2-stop extension were scrapped.

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Ferry Between Yonkers and Lower Manhattan

Posted 28/May/2006 by Gromco in NYC Transportation

NY Times [reports] on Port Authority's plans for a new ferry service connecting Yonkers with the Battery Park City terminal and Pier 11. The commute time is expected to be about 45 minutes and the service is slated to begin next Spring (2007).