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Bar Crawl: The Auction House

Posted15/Feb/2007 00:20:00

Auction House
when inside, it's so dark and feels like this...
There are things about the Upper East Side that I love. The museum mile, architecture. Bloomingdale's...but that's really it. I get kind of annoyed at the old money crowd with their conservative designer wear and pearls. And I'd never think to go out there. But I've found a diamond in the rough...or maybe a rough in the diamond? I don't know.

The Auction House, on E. 89th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues is nondescript. There isn't even a sign outside, save for an antique red lantern. More antiques fill the 2 room interior, and red velvet is throughout. The Auction House feels like a place that the Vampire LeStat would've hung out in. Ancient Persian rugs line the floor, red velvet Victorian chairs and tables are strewn about. Portraits of royalty as well as Adam and Eve adorn the walls.

The first bar room is small and warm, with exposed brick, a coat check area, and sconces dimly lighting the room. The second bar room, about double the size, features faux marble fire places (the faux is the fireplace, not the marble!), and an exposed brick wall decorated with many garish antique mirrors. The plate glass windows are framed with lush velvet window treatments and throne like chairs.

The crowd is a mixed late 20's-early30's somethings, that probably have well-paying jobs, but seek more than a martini bar. A good mix of regular young people, not scene specific. Drinks aren't too expensive either, beer being and mixed drinks at for well drinks, which is cheap for the UES. Its a great place for a second or third date, with many dark places to slink away for privacy. The music was a mix of light alternative stuff, like Smashing Pumpkins and Snow Patrol.

I like to go up to The Auction House once in a while when I'm tired of the Lower East Side, it still has an artsy/romantic feel but doesn't make me feel like I'm uptown and completely out of my element.

Auction House
300 E 89TH St
New York, NY 10128-5009
(212) 427-4458
Directions: 4, 5, 6 at 86th St.

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