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Posted02/Mar/2007 19:20:00

If you were following the story of a former Harlem prison being converted to condos last summer (see this [wonderfully written report in the New Yorker], for example), you'll be glad (or dismayed) to know that the project seems to have come to a satisfactory conclusion: the [web site] of the property has been launched and seemingly, most apartments have been sold.

Among the drawbacks of the buildings are low ceilings, which is offset by "loftlike" layouts and, evidently, good views from some units.

For more info:

P.S. The web site is using a fairly high-quality (and full length) soundtrack by Tosca (the song is "Rolls Royce" from album "Dehli9" for those curious). One wonders, though, if the building developers ever bothered to clear the track with the artists' record label.

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