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Gramercy Park

Area5,193,373 sq ft
MapMap of Gramercy Park
Listing(s)32 no-fee
Buildings97 rental buildings
21 condo buildings
20 coop buildings

Apartments & Real Estate

In the "core" Gramercy Park area (i.e. west of Third Avenue), the quality of buildings is as high the prices of apartments in them, simply because they were constructed a long time ago, back in the era of high standards of construction.

Newer buildings that were added after the WWII (especially the multi-apartment variety) are a step down, but are more affordable.

The area also boasts quite a few beautiful row houses, especially on side streets and next to the park.

Selected Rental Buildings

  • 332 East 18th Street (Gramercy Park) - 8 listings: 7 no-fee and 1 fee apts
    A mid-rise walk-up building.
  • 336 East 18th Street (Gramercy Park) - 5 listings, all of them 'no-fee' apts
    A low-rise walk-up building.
  • Instrata Gramercy (290 Third Avenue, Gramercy Park) photos - 7 listings: 4 no-fee and 3 fee apts
    A modern high-rise doorman building offering a gym and laundry facilities.
  • Park 23 (295 Park Avenue South, Flatiron District) - 3 listings, all of them 'no-fee' apts
    A turn-of-the-century high-rise doorman building offering laundry facilities. The apartments have high ceilings.
  • The Westminster (180 West 20th Street, Gramercy Park) photos - 3 listings, all of them 'no-fee' apts
    A modern high-rise doorman building offering a gym. The lobby of the building is dressed in Cipollini marble and features architect-selected artworks mounted on wooden panels....

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Selected No-Fee Rental Listings

$4,190 Studio at The Westminster
$3,907 1-Bedroom at Peter Cooper Village: 390 First Ave, 944 sq ft
$5,195 2-Bedroom at 304 East 20th Street
$6,995 4-Bedroom at 231 East 14th Street
$4,275 1-Bedroom at Park 23

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Condo & Co-op Buildings

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The demographic profile of somebody living in the immediate vicinity of the park is somewhat different from that of a person living east of Third Avenue. Let's start with the former. Since the vicinity of Gramercy Park is the most prized area that has always been popular with politicians, writers, socialites and (nowadays) Hollywood stars, both the average age and average income of its residents tended to be high. People living east of Third Avenue, however, are just about average New Yorkers; their ranks even include some students.

Major Streets Crossing the Neighborhood

Name Origin

Gramercy Park is an actual park, located at the very bottom of Lexington Avenue (at East 20th street). It is a private park, which means it's closed to visitors. Residents of nearby buildings have the keys.

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Current Rental Statistics

Studio$3,495 $3,460 3
1-Bedroom$4,848 $4,312 8
2-Bedroom$4,595 $5,625 7
3-Bedroom$7,000 $6,298 9
4-Bedroom$6,995 $6,995 1
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rental statistics as of 01/Aug/2015.