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East Harlem

Area41,512,116 sq ft
MapMap of East Harlem
Listing(s)62 no-fee
Buildings139 rental buildings
36 condo buildings
20 coop buildings

Neighborhood Profile

Long thought as one of the Manhattan's grittiest areas, East Harlem has been improving its image and its housing stocks for more than a decade. Gentrification started slowly, first effectively ceding 96th-97th Streets to the Upper East Side, then working its way through higher streets. The population became genuinely mixed, although the neighborhood (also called "El Barrio") still retains its Latin-flavored character of yesteryear, with many inexpensive eateries and a largely working-class, Spanish-speaking population.

Apartments & Real Estate

Other than housing developments (so-called "projects") of various sizes, the neighborhood contains mostly standard New York 4-to-6-story "tenement-type" housing. In recent years a few "market-rate" rental and condo buildings have been built as well.

Selected Rental Buildings

  • 1940 First Avenue (East Harlem) - 11 listings: 8 no-fee and 3 fee apts
    A post-war high-rise building offering laundry facilities.
  • 1990 Lexington Avenue (East Harlem) - 15 listings: 8 no-fee and 7 fee apts
    A post-war high-rise building.
  • Hampton Court (333 East 102nd Street, East Harlem) - 1 listings, all of them 'no-fee' apt
    A mid-rise mixed-use modern building. Designed by The Stephen B. Jacobs Group, with interiors designed by Andi Pepper.
  • Riverton Square - 4 listings, all of them 'no-fee' apts
    A 12-building complex.
  • Stonehenge on Fifth (1274 Fifth Avenue, East Harlem) photos - 3 listings, all of them 'no-fee' apts
    A mid-twentieth century mid-rise elevator building offering laundry facilities. Located directly across from Central Park at 109th Street, this is one the very few remaining ....

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Selected No-Fee Rental Listings

$2,495 1-Bedroom at Stonehenge on Fifth
$3,545 Studio at One Carnegie Hill
$2,350 2-Bedroom at Riverton Square: 2160 Madison
$2,350 1-Bedroom at 170 East 112th Street
$3,825 Studio at 1214 Fifth Avenue

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Condo & Co-op Buildings

  • 1200 Fifth Avenue (East Harlem) - 4 listings: 3 no-fee and 1 fee apts
    A pre-war high-rise doorman condo building offering a gym and laundry facilities.
  • 1214 Fifth Avenue (East Harlem) photos - 7 listings, all of them 'no-fee' apts
    A modern high-rise doorman condo building offering a gym, a pool, a garage and a children's play area.
  • One Carnegie Hill (215 East 96th Street, East Harlem) photos - 7 listings: 6 no-fee and 1 fee apts
    A large modern condo & rental building that stretches from East 96th to East 97th street, built in 2005 by Related Companies. The Islamic Cultural Center of New York shares th....

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In the late 20th century, East 96th street was one of the most widely known socio-economic "boundaries" in North America: to the south of it lied the affluent Upper East Side and to the north - the significantly less affluent East Harlem. Within the span of a few blocks, the average household income plunged to only a fraction of its value immediately to the south. This contrast has been softened and the border blurred somewhat by gentrification of the late 1990s and early 2000s, however. Gentrification aside, the population of East Harlem remains considerably less affluent than that of its southern neighbor. The neighborhood contains a significant number of housing projects run by the NYCHA (Carver, Lexington, Washington, Clinton, White, Metro North, Lehman, Johnson, Taft, Jefferson, Corsi, Wagner, Robinson, Lincoln).

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Current Rental Statistics

Studio$3,555 $3,045 11
1-Bedroom$2,750 $2,940 13
2-Bedroom$2,670 $4,289 16
3-Bedroom$3,222 $4,723 10
4-Bedroom$3,800 $3,898 11
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rental statistics as of 01/Jun/2015.