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Address55 Fifth Avenue 15th floor
New York, NY 10003
Listing(s)Managed: 7 no-fee
Brokered: 2 no-fee

Time Equities, Inc. is a full service real estate company. Most rental buildings managed by the company are leased with no fee.

Buildings Under Management

This is the list of New York City buildings managed by Time Equities (see the map of buildings managed by Time Equities)

In Manhattan:

In Brooklyn:

In Queens:

Buildings With Brokered Listings

This is the list of New York City buildings in which Time Equities has brokered listings (see the map of buildings brokered by Time Equities)

In Manhattan:

Selected No-Fee Rental Listings

$4,985 2-BedroomDelmonico's BuildingPosted 16/Sep/2014Avail. 19/Sep/2014
$2,495 1-Bedroom257 West 10th StreetPosted 16/Sep/2014Avail. 19/Sep/2014
$2,595 1-Bedroom521 Hudson StreetPosted 16/Sep/2014Avail. 19/Sep/2014
$2,595 1-Bedroom230 Thompson StreetPosted 12/Sep/2014Avail. 15/Oct/2014
$2,650 1-Bedroom230 Thompson StreetPosted 12/Sep/2014Avail. 12/Oct/2014

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Selected No-Fee Brokered Rental Listings

$2,195 Studio174 Spring StreetPosted 12/Sep/2014Avail. 01/Oct/2014
$1,895 Studio155 East 37th StreetPosted 12/Sep/2014Avail. 15/Oct/2014

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