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Co-Op Buildings


Co-op ownership implies owning shares in a company that owns the building, rather than owning the apartment outright. This form of ownership has both advantages and drawbacks (see notes below). Many older (prewar) Manhattan buildings fall into this category.

The following is the list of the co-op buildings we've surveyed.

Downtown Manhattan Co-Op Buildings

This is a partial list of co-op buildings in Downtown Manhattan. The longer complete list of downtown co-op buildings is also available.

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Midtown Manhattan Co-Op Buildings

Below is a partial list of midtown co-op buildings. The longer complete list of midtown co-op buildings is also available.

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Uptown Manhattan Co-Op Buildings

A partial list of uptown buildings can be seen below. As usual, the complete list of uptown co-op buildings is also available.

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The latest additions/updates to the database of co-op buildings were made on: May 6, 2015.

Recently Added/Updated Co-op Buildings: 72-81 113th Street , 1519 Dean Street , 131 Jefferson Avenue , 330 East 83rd Street , 56 Himrod Street


Buying a co-op is different from buying a condo in several respects:

Renting in a co-op is also a possibility, but depending on how the building functions, you may have to be approved by the co-op board first, which may be quite a process. Again, it all depends on the board!

If all this sounds like too much trouble, your options are: buying/renting a condo or finding a good apartment in a rental building.