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you can update your company & building information

If your company is mentioned in the company directory of NY Bits and you are an authorized employee, you can contact us to correct/add relevant information. Examples of such updates include:

Please note that our directory listings are free and are not linked in any way to banner advertising. You do not need to be an advertiser to list/update your company's information. By the same token, we do not treat our directory listings as ads and while we're happy to correct any inaccurate information, we will probably not use "marketing write-ups" for your company or building descriptions. We may verify any information submitted to us.

you can post your listings

You can also submit your rental listings to us. We strongly prefer this to be done via an automated batch "feed" (typically XML), but if this is not an option, we also work with just about every format/posting method there is: we can import listings from "regular" web sites, Excel spreadsheets, databases, and even PDF and Word documents (although the latter is the least reliable option).

If none of the above is available, as a last resort you can request an account to post your listings manually (email us at the address below).

To update your company listing, submit new information or request a new posting account please contact us:



you can post your listings and update your building's info

If you are the actual, registered owner of an apartment in NYC, you can request a posting account (email us at the address below). Please note that we do require (and publish) both the name of the owner and the address of the property. Neither "anonymous" nor "approximate address" ads are going to be accepted. Once the expires, your name/contact info will be masked.


P.S. You can also submit additional data about your building (for example, add/correct its list of amenities and services). We also appreciate photo(s) of your building. If you prefer, such photos can be credited/linked.


you can augment your articles with our data and statistics

Please feel free to contact us: