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Condominium ownership implies actual ownership of the apartment while the common areas of the building are owned jointly. Compared with owners of more traditional co-ops, condo owners have more leeway in terms making modifications to their apartments as well as in terms of renting them out.

Consequently, apartments in condominium buildings can often be rented - typically, directly from their individual owners or through a brokerage. In addition, an increasingly common scenario for new buildings (those built in the last few years) is renting from the developer. Often, especially in new large condo buildings, there will be an office that will handle, among other things, rental applications for the units in the building offered for rent by individual owners and/or by the developer.

The following are the condo buildings we've surveyed.

Downtown Manhattan Condo Buildings

This is a partial list of condo buildings in Downtown Manhattan. The longer complete list of downtown condo buildings is also available.

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Midtown Manhattan Condo Buildings

Below is a partial list of midtown condo buildings. See also the longer complete list of midtown condo buildings is also available.

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Uptown Manhattan Condo Buildings

A partial list of uptown buildings can be seen below. As usual, the complete list of uptown condo buildings is also available.

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Upper Manhattan Condo Buildings

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Roosevelt Island Condo Buildings

Brooklyn Condo Buildings

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Queens Condo Buildings

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Bronx Condo Buildings

New Jersey Condo Buildings

The latest additions/updates to the database of condo buildings were made on: February 19, 2015 .

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