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Area94,590,640 sq ft
MapMap of Williamsburg
Listing(s)90 no-fee
Buildings165 rental buildings
67 condo buildings
11 coop buildings

Neighborhood Profile

Running along the waterfront area of Brooklyn just east of Manhattan's 14th street in Manhattan is Williamsburg. Once an inexpensive artists area, full of illegal lofts and warehouse spaces, Williamsburg has gentrified dramatically, becoming the artist/hipster mecca it is today (incidentally, much more expensive than its former "starving artist" residents could possibly afford). The main drag of Bedford Avenue is buzzing at all hours with fashionable artsy folk, mostly in their 20s-30s, with the occasional artsy family. Many boutiques sell one-of-a-kind artist's wares. That said, parts of the neighborhood are somewhat gritty, their building stock being largely converted from warehouses; don't expect a lot of trees.

Apartments & Real Estate

Apartments range from do-it-yourself warehouses (basically, you build the walls to your room, and expect a utility-style bathroom) to older homes to newly constructed (typically mid-rise and upscale) buildings. Many are older apartments are “railroad” or “shotgun” style, which means one room leads into the next (these are not easily sharable). Some older buildings' electrical systems have not been updated, so if you work from home and use many appliances, it may become a problem.

Selected Rental Buildings

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Selected No-Fee Rental Listings

$4,900 2-Bedroom at 101 Bedford Avenue
$2,790 Studio at 175 Kent Avenue, 510 sq ft
$1,862 Studio at 15 Dunham Place
$3,295 1-Bedroom at North Edge
$2,450 2-Bedroom at 87 Graham Avenue

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Condo & Co-op Buildings

  • 101 Bedford Avenue (Williamsburg) photos - 11 listings, all of them 'no-fee' apts
    A doorman elevator condo building offering a gym, a pool, a children's play area and laundry facilities.
  • 111 Kent Avenue (Williamsburg)
    A modern mid-rise doorman elevator condo building offering a gym, a pool and a garage.
  • 53 Broadway (Williamsburg) - 5 listings, all of them 'no-fee' apts
    A modern mid-rise elevator condo building.

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A curious mix of 20- and 30-something hipsters (now the majority), yuppies, Hispanics and Hasidic Jews (the latter two groups mostly in the southern part of the neighborhood).

Historical Notes

Williamsburg was once an independent city whose main economic engines were oil and sugar refineries built near the East River.

The Williamsburg Bridge, built in 1903, linked the area to Manhattan and helped many Lower East Side Jews escaping the poverty and the appalling living conditions of the neighborhood across the river resettle in the area.

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Current Rental Statistics

Studio$2,889 $2,986 29
1-Bedroom$3,346 $3,325 23
2-Bedroom$4,286 $4,448 30
3-Bedroom$3,407 $4,564 5
4-Bedroom$5,076 $5,076 1
Loft$3,344 $3,344 2
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rental statistics as of 18/Apr/2015.