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Area37,014,404 sq ft
MapMap of Greenpoint
Listing(s)12 no-fee
Buildings47 rental buildings
12 condo buildings
4 coop buildings

Neighborhood Profile

Location: Northwestern Brooklyn. In fact, Greenpoint sits exactly in the north-western corner of Brooklyn. To the north lies the borough of Queens, to the west - the East River. Character: Slightly cheaper and more removed than its hip cousin, Williamsburg (due to the necessity of changing trains when commuting to/from Manhattan), Greenpoint wins in the cheaper rent department and is generally more tranquil than its hip neighbor to the south. Greenpoint is still just a short walk from the Bedford L stop.

The neighborhood still has many Polish stores and ethnic shops featuring Polish signs and wares. Most streets are quite nice and have a "neighborhoody" feel, but for the edgier folk there's a small industrialized section as well. McCarren Park park is huge, lush, and great for picnics. Demographics: Traditionally a blue-collar Polish neighborhood, Greenpoint has been attracting a new demographic as those wishing to live in Williamsburg but unable to swing the increasing rent costs have formed a new colony in Greenpoint.

Apartments & Real Estate

Apartments are generally in older houses. As in Williamsburg, the electricity can be shoddy (check the wiring before renting, especially if you are the work-at-home type and are going to need a quite a few outlets), but you definitely get more for your money in Greenpoint. Apartments are slightly bigger, but can also be really old. This could be a bad thing if things don't function properly or a good thing as moldings, woodworking, etc can add character to your home.

Current Rental Statistics

1-Bedroom$3,000 $3,000 1
2-Bedroom$3,900 $3,964 9
3-Bedroom$3,050 $3,050 1
Loft$2,700 $2,700 1
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rental statistics as of 18/Dec/2014.

Selected Rental Buildings

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Selected No-Fee Rental Listings

$2,400 2-Bedroom, 900 sq ft85 Java StreetPosted 17/Dec/2014
$3,850 2-BedroomEleven33 ManhattanPosted 16/Dec/2014Avail. 05/Jan/2015
$3,877 2-BedroomThe ViridianPosted 15/Dec/2014
$3,500 2-Bedroom154 Engert AvenuePosted 05/Dec/2014Avail. 01/Feb/2015
$3,050 3-Bedroom122 Clay StreetPosted 03/Dec/2014Avail. 15/Dec/2014

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Condo & Co-op Buildings

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