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Area37,014,404 sq ft
MapMap of Greenpoint
Listing(s)25 no-fee
Buildings83 rental buildings
18 condo buildings
6 coop buildings

Neighborhood Profile

Slightly cheaper and more removed than its hip cousin, Williamsburg (due to the necessity of changing trains when commuting to/from Manhattan, although most of Greenpoint is still just a short walk from the Bedford L stop), Greenpoint wins in the cheaper rent department and is generally more tranquil than its hip neighbor to the south. The neighborhood still has many Polish stores and ethnic shops featuring Polish signs and wares. Most streets are quite nice and have a "neighborhoody" feel, but for the edgier folk there's a small industrialized section as well. McCarren Park park is huge, lush, and great for picnics.

Apartments & Buildings

Apartments are generally in older houses. As in Williamsburg, the electricity can be shoddy (check the wiring before renting, especially if you are the work-at-home type and are going to need a quite a few outlets), but you definitely get more for your money in Greenpoint. Apartments are slightly bigger, but can also be really old. This could be a bad thing if things don't function properly or a good thing as moldings, woodworking, etc can add character to your home.

Selected Rental Buildings

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Selected No-Fee Rental Listings

$3,500 1-Bedroom at 214 Franklin Street, 750 sq ft
$4,040 3-Bedroom at 555 Graham Avenue
$3,799 3-Bedroom at 115 Greenpoint Avenue, 1100 sq ft
$2,645 2-Bedroom at 142 Franklin Street
$3,400 1-Bedroom at 305 McGuinness Boulevard

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Condo & Co-op Buildings

  • 190 West Street (Greenpoint)
    A modern low-rise elevator condo building.
  • 216 Calyer Street (Greenpoint)
    A modern mid-rise elevator condo building offering laundry facilities. Only two units per floor. The apartments have high ceilings.
  • The Viridian (110 Green Street, Greenpoint)
    4 listings, all no-fee
    A modern mid-rise doorman elevator condo building offering a gym and a pool.

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Traditionally a blue-collar Polish neighborhood, Greenpoint has been attracting a new demographic as those wishing to live in Williamsburg but unable to swing the increasing rent costs have formed a new colony in Greenpoint.

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Current Rental Statistics

Studio$2,325 $2,325 2
1-Bedroom$3,393 $3,249 7
2-Bedroom$3,536 $3,526 10
3-Bedroom$4,015 $4,102 6
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rental statistics as of 02/May/2016.