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Area3,899,556 sq ft
MapMap of DUMBO
Listing(s)11 no-fee
Buildings15 rental buildings
8 condo buildings

Neighborhood Profile

Location: North-western Brooklyn Character: With the name derived from "Down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass", DUMBO was once the thriving creative center for the "starving artist" types. (No surprise there as the area was quite consciously modeled after Manhattan's SoHo.) Enticed by the giant live/work loft spaces, artists flocked to the area from Manhattan and gentrified the formerly industrial neighborhood.

In recent years (since 2001), the area has become so popular it has priced out many of the artists. Today, many of DUMBO's apartments and condos have higher rents and price tags than those in Manhattan. (whose views from Western-facing DUMBO windows are some of the best in the city).

With quaint streets of cobblestone and beautifully converted old-fashioned warehouses, DUMBO evokes somewhat of a colonial feel. Not all of the artists have (yet) been chased out, and the area still boasts many art galleries, caf├ęs and a gorgeous park in between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. Demographics: Established artists and their families are typical residents. Newer rental buildings house young professionals. Many in this area have young children and make use of the many playgrounds and parks.

Apartments & Real Estate

Housing is pricey, but some apartments here have amazing views. Most apartments are on the larger side; traditional "studios" are pretty much unheard of. If price is no obstacle, the area's converted lofts are spacious and airy. The entire area is family-friendly.

Current Rental Statistics

1-Bedroom$3,900 $3,772 9
2-Bedroom$5,212 $5,212 2
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rental statistics as of 01/Oct/2014.

Selected Rental Buildings

  • 220 Water Street (DUMBO)
    A turn-of-the-century mid-rise landmark elevator building offering a children's play area. The apartments have very high ceilings.
  • 30 Washington Street (DUMBO) - 5 listings: 4 no-fee and 1 fee apts
    A mid-rise landmark elevator building offering a gym and a children's play area.
  • 65 Washington Street (DUMBO)
    A high-rise building offering a gym. The apartments have high ceilings.
  • 66 Water Street (DUMBO) - 1 listings, all of them 'no-fee' apt
    A low-rise building offering a gym.
  • 99 Gold Street (DUMBO) - 3 listings, all of them 'no-fee' apts
    A mid-rise concierge elevator building offering a gym and a garage. 99 Gold Street overlooks DUMBO, the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges and the East River. The apartments ha....

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Selected No-Fee Rental Listings

$3,545 1-Bedroom, 558 sq ftGAIR2Posted 30/Sep/2014Avail. 01/Sep/2014
$2,765 1-Bedroom109 Gold StreetPosted 25/Sep/2014
$3,600 1-Bedroom, 855 sq ft99 Gold StreetPosted 22/Sep/2014

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Condo & Co-op Buildings

  • 70 Washington Street (DUMBO)
    A pre-war high-rise landmark concierge condo building offering a gym and a garage.
  • Beacon Tower (85 Adams Street, DUMBO)
    A modern high-rise concierge condo building offering a gym. The apartments have very high ceilings.
  • J Condominium (100 Jay Street, DUMBO)
    A modern high-rise doorman condo building offering a gym, a garage and a children's play area.

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