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Address165 West 73rd Street
New York, NY 10023
Listing(s)Brokered: 9 no-fee and 10 fee

Keyah Enterprises is a licensed real estate broker and the exclusive broker for Sackman rental properties. The company represents properties in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and New Jersey. Keyah also brokers commercial rentals and sale properties. All potential residents of Sackman rental properties must complete an application.

Buildings With Brokered Listings

This is the list of New York City buildings in which Keyah Enterprises, Inc has brokered listings (see the map of buildings brokered by Keyah Enterprises, Inc)

In Manhattan:

Selected No-Fee Brokered Rental Listings

$1,750 2-Bedroom55 Skillman AvenuePosted 17/Dec/2014Avail. 07/Feb/2015
$3,495 1-Bedroom106 West 76th StreetPosted 08/Dec/2014
$1,550 1-Bedroom57 Sip AvenuePosted 08/Dec/2014Avail. 07/Jan/2015
$3,600 2-Bedroom240 East 90th StreetPosted 04/Dec/2014
$2,850 3-Bedroom57 Sip AvenuePosted 01/Dec/2014Avail. 06/Feb/2015

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