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Address860 Broadway
New York, NY 10003

Selldorf Architects' porfolio comprises a wide range of new construction and renovation projects, including institutional, commercial, high-end retail and residential projects.

Buildings Designed / Worked On

This is the list of New York City residential buildings designed (or worked on, in some capacity) by Selldorf Architects (see also the map of buildings by Selldorf Architects):

Condo Buildings

  • 200 Eleventh Avenue (Chelsea)
    A steel tower rising from a glazed terracotta base. The apartments have very high ceilings (11' 0" - 24' 0").
  • 520 West Chelsea (520 West 19th Street, Chelsea) photos
    11-story luxury condo. The fa├žade is made of blue glazed terracotta and floor-to-ceiling glass. Maximum of three units per floor. Apartments' area ranges: from 1,460-1,582 sq....

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