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NOTE: Posting on NYBits.com is free.


Are you an owner or manager of a New York City rental building? Do you allow people to apply for your apartments directly, without using brokers? Are your apartments no-fee? We would be happy to list your building and integrate your apartment availability feed - free of charge!

You'll be reaching a sizable audience of NYC apartment seekers (see our site's demographics). Given our traffic volume - about 90,000 unique monthly visitors and well over a million page views monthly (source: Quantcast), you are practically guaranteed to see an immediate increase in interest for your listings from qualified potential tenants.

There are basically two ways to post:

  1. if you only have a few listings and don't mind posting/updating them by hand - we can link your user account (created in just a few seconds) to your business capsule and you are ready to post; and ...
  2. if there are too many for manual posting, we can import your rental feed from any reasonable format - your web site, an Excel spreadsheet distributed weekly, or a full-fledged XML feed if you already have it implemented.

The first option is easier to set up, but gets tedious for larger property portfolios. The second requires our programmers to look at the way your listings are distributed/formatted first. Usually, it can be implemented in 2-3 days.

Feel free to contact us: support@nybits.com and one of our team members will help you get set up.


You can post no-fee "by owner" rental listings directly on our site, free of charge, if:

  1. Your listing is no-fee
  2. You are the officially registered owner of the condo (or the small building) in question.
  3. You agree to provide the complete address, including the unit # where applicable.
  4. Your direct contact information is provided in the ad (it will be masked after the listing expires).
Imposing these conditions is necessary to ensure the reliability of our rental listings. We reserve the right not to approve postings we deem incomplete, misleading or otherwise inappropriate for our site.

Ready to post? If you already have a user account, proceed to the account log-in page. If not, drop us a note at support@nybits.com.


Currently, we do NOT accept any sublet or "lease takeover" ads from tenants, even if the landlord is aware of your posting here. Sorry!


If you are a broker with exclusive rental listings, we can accept a rental feed to incorporate your listings or create a direct posting account for you. Posting on our site is free.

There are a couple of restrictions imposed on manually posted listings: the most important one is that we require the complete listing address. Also, while we may accept "open" listings via XML feeds, starting in 2015, manual posting accounts are reserved for "exclusives." We accept both fee and no-fee postings (assuming they are correctly identified as the case may be).

If you're interested, email us to let us know who you are and what you'd like to post.