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Location: East Side of Manhattan. Stuyvesant Town is a sub-neighborhood of Gramercy Park and covers the area east of First Avenue, between 14th and 23rd street. It is adjacent to Gramercy Park (west) and the East Village (south).

Character: Stuyvesant Town is a bit of an anomaly as a neighborhood. It's really not a neighborhood but two gargantuan residential complexes - one bearing the same name (35 buildings below East 20th) and another called "Peter Cooper Village" (21 buildings above East 20th).

The lego-like buildings all have the same look and similar amenities. Most stores and commercial services are located along First Avenue. The area includes green spaces and children's playgrounds, along with a host of residents' services, but calling all this a "neighborhood" is a stretch as the development personifies and exemplifies much of what neighborhood should not be, in the eyes of urbanists following the theories of Jane Jacobs and the like.

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